Friendship From the Heart

Needless to say yesterday was a shitty day. I happen to have fibromyalgia and well if you haven’t googled it or know about it let me just say it fucking sucks! Nuff said! So anyway having the shit day that I did, it almost always gets turned around by my friends. If you are my friend I probably think the world of you and here is why. Family wasn’t very great to me growing up and I never really felt I could trust any of them, but my friends however, they are the people who I chose myself, to be in my life and I’m glad that I did. I’m glad that they came into my life when they did and for staying too! I consider THEM my family to be honest. These are people who got to know me in my dark times and they were there for me. Not only were they there for me but they accepted me and all the bullshit that came along with me. They have been there for me through some of the toughest times in my young life and also were there to share in some of the very best times too. I don’t know about you but to have someone who loves you even when you are “difficult to love” or have “issues” that most people would just rather not deal with, is one of the best feelings in this world. My friends whether they know it or not have helped me numberous times even without being here. Times when I felt like I had no one or nothing worth living for and I just wanted to leave this earth, I have thought of them and how much it would hurt them if i hurt myself or was to leave forever. In times when I felt like I’ve had no strength or energy left, I looked at them and their overcome trials and successes and I steal their passion and motivation and get back up and try a little harder. My friends have been knocked down before so they know how to take my hand and help me get back up; Some of the most understanding people I have ever met in my life. They are people I look up to, people I look forward to seeing and they are the people I hold dearest to me. These people are my life and I doubt they even know it. I may call them friends but mostly I mean they are my family.


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