Hi, I’m Alice and this is where I will come to unload the many thoughts in my head. I grew up in a very conformed environment surrounded by different types of abuse. As a result, during my teen years, I rebelled against everything I ever knew. During that rebelous time I ended up in the wrong place but this period in my life taught me many lessons, so for that I’m grateful. I live with on and off again depression and anxiety and suffer from the effects of PTSD. I try to work on these issues every day and try to get myself into a positive state to move forward in, always. I used to love to write and talk and tell stories and I’ve found my voice was hindered quite a bit, making me feel like I’ve lost touch of a part of myself. Creating this blog page is a way for me to share my stories and my voice and hopefully will not only benefit me but others who read as well. Topics can run wild just like my thoughts so have fun with the ride!  Down the rabbit hole we go!


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